Some women can experience life-threatening health conditions that necessitate emergency treatment. If this occurs and there is a need to terminate a pregnancy, a state cannot legally deny abortion to women, even after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Does a Woman Have To Live in a State That Allows Abortion To Seek Life-Saving Treatment?

Women who seek emergency or life-saving treatment do not have to live in states that allow abortions. Even states with complete abortion bans must give a woman treatment when needed to preserve her health and wellness.

According to this recent letter from The Health Secretary of Human Services, medical professionals must use their medical knowledge and training to deliver necessary life-saving care. Measures that may take place include but are not limited to a termination of pregnancy.

Furthermore, these directions are not restricted by which state the woman seeking care resides in or seeks the treatment.

Will Treatment for Ectopic Pregnancies and Miscarriages Still Be Available?

Yes, the treatment for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages falls under life-threatening conditions that necessitate medical intervention to help preserve the health and well-being of women. These services vary from abortions and will still be legally available to women.

Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage treatment vary from abortion because of the reasons women seek each procedure. Typically, elective abortions are a decision women make to terminate a viable pregnancy in the uterus. Doctors treat ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, which are non-viable, and require medical assistance to help safeguard a woman’s health.

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