The overturning of Roe v. Wade altered abortion laws in many states. At the time of this writing, abortion is banned in West Virginia, except in some instances, which include: 

  • Saving the mother’s life
  • If the pregnancy is a result of incest or rape
  • If the pregnancy isn’t viable (expected to live outside the womb)

If any of these criteria apply to you, the following steps may be completed before seeking an abortion:

  • Pre-Termination Consultation—this is where you’ll meet with a counselor to go over the implications of abortion. You’ll be given time to ask questions. After this appointment, there is a required 24-hour waiting period before you can schedule an abortion. This gives you time to consider whether this choice is right for you. 
  • In-person appointment—a medical abortion must be sought in person and can’t be prescribed through telemedicine. 
  • Parental consent—if you’re under 18, you will need your parent’s permission to receive an abortion.

If these criteria don’t apply to you, but you’re still considering abortion, it’s essential to be aware of the risks of seeking an online or out-of-state abortion. Read on to learn more about these risks. Or, if you’re looking to speak to someone in person about your pregnancy options, contact Women’s Care Center today to be connected with one of our caring team members. All appointments and resources are free and confidential.

Why Is Online Abortion Risky?

Online abortion involves seeking the abortion pill drugs online. This can be dangerous, and the FDA advises against it. This is because you can’t guarantee their source, safety, or quality when you order the drugs online. 

Furthermore, the abortion pill drugs are only intended for a pregnancy that is under 10 weeks gestation. If you take them when your pregnancy is further along, you have a greater chance of experiencing a risk

Can I Travel Out of State for an Abortion?

Traveling out of state to receive an abortion in a state where it’s legal is an option, but there are many things to consider, including:

  • The cost of travel and the procedure itself
  • The time you’ll need to take off work/school for travel and recovery time

Before making travel plans, it’s essential to find out key details about your pregnancy so that you can make a fully informed decision.

Importance of an Ultrasound

An ultrasound provides you with the essential information you need to know to protect your health—no matter what choice you make for your pregnancy. 

An ultrasound can help reveal the following details about your pregnancy:

  • Age. This is vital if you’re considering a medical abortion since seeking the abortion pill drugs when your pregnancy is older than 10 weeks gestation puts you at a greater risk for complications.
  • Location. This is necessary for ruling out a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy when your pregnancy grows outside your uterus. This requires immediate medical treatment, not an abortion.
  • Viability. Did you know that roughly 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriage? And it’s possible to have experienced one without any immediate symptoms. An ultrasound will look for signs of life to ensure you’re still pregnant. 

Next Steps

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can feel scary, but you’re not alone. At Women’s Care Center, we’re here for you with complimentary pregnancy resources—including ultrasounds—and information that can help you decide how to move forward. If you’re considering abortion or want to discuss your options, contact us today. All appointments are confidential.