After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many were left with unanswered questions. Like, what does this mean for the nation? This blog post will separate fact from fiction to better understand this verdict’s effects.

What Does This Verdict Mean?

Initially, in 1973 the Supreme Court ruled it was a constitutional right for women to choose an elective abortion without needing a life-threatening diagnosis behind their decision to terminate a pregnancy.

However, in June of 2022, the Court reversed this ruling and stated it would be up to the people to decide for themselves what abortion laws to enact in their states.

Now, the people get to vote delegates into power that will create or change laws according to the beliefs of those they represent.

Is Abortion Now Outlawed in the U.S.?

No, abortion is not outlawed in the U.S. post-Roe. Now that the states have been handed back power to decide their own abortion laws, each territory will have varying restrictions. Some states have very restrictive policies such as complete bans; others are laxer and have little to no limits.

Can Women Still Receive Emergency Care?

Yes, if a woman experiences a life-threatening pregnancy complication and requires termination of pregnancy to save her life, she cannot be legally denied medical care. This care is not contingent on the state the woman resides or where treatment is sought, even if that state has stringent abortion policies.

Furthermore, care for miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies is not to be denied. These are medically necessary treatments women must be able to receive for their health and safety.

Want To Understand More?

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