Abortion is a Big Decision – Get Your Questions Answered

If you think you are pregnant, take a deep breath. Remember how strong you are and don’t let your fear take over! First and foremost, remember you are not alone. You may feel all alone and you may think you have nowhere to turn. There are trained medical professionals at Women’s Care Center who are here to listen and help you sort things out. Below is a short list of questions you need answers to if you are considering an abortion:

1.  Are you really pregnant? You need a lab quality pregnancy test conducted and an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test today by calling 304-485-7113.

2. If you are pregnant, do you know how far along you are in your pregnancy? You need to know this in order to know whether an abortion is even an option. After the pregnancy test, we can schedule a pregnancy confirmation ultrasound and this will tell you exactly how far along you may be. I urge you to call today because time is important.

3. Do you know anything about abortion options? Do you know the laws of the state as it relates to abortion? Again, we have all the medical information you need. We do not refer or perform abortions but we have medical information to share and resources for you to take home.

4. Are you remembering how strong you are and thinking beyond your fear at this moment? We have worked with so many women in the past who let fear dictate their decision making. We also encounter women who let others push them towards pregnancy decisions. We are not here to play that role but to help you have the information you need to make an informed decision. We have experience and can help you step back from the situation and evaluate all of your options. Call us today at 304-485-7113.