Women now have the right to vote on issues regarding abortion and elect individuals that represent their voice on this matter. Women’s rights have been impacted by being shifted but not lost.

What Did the Reversal Do?

In order to unpack how women’s rights have shifted, it’s important to understand what happened when Roe was overturned.

Initially, in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled it was a constitutional right for women to have an elective abortion without the need for life or health-threatening diagnosis behind their choice.

However, in June of 2022, something historic happened that stunned many. The Court reversed its 1973 decision and stated it should be up to the people to decide restrictions for themselves.

Now, each state can vote delegates into office that will represent their opinions and shape abortion laws within their territories.

How Can Women Have Their Voices Heard?

Today, no matter where women stand on this issue, they can continue to have their voices heard through democracy.  By casting ballots and exercising their voting rights, women can support candidates they believe in and who will speak on this issue for them. Additionally, women can make their opinions heard by contacting local governments and participating in rallies protected by free speech.

Women deserve to have their voices heard. Now is the time to use these various channels to allow your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs echo out.  

Where Can Women Go for More Information?

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