Since the state now has strict restrictions on abortion access after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade in the Summer of 2022, many women are turning to online methods to obtain the abortion pill.

Although some may find this drug combination through the internet, this approach may be risky, and access to this medication from unreliable sources can occur. Therefore, exercising caution and understanding all your options is essential.

What Should I Know Before Trying To Obtain The Abortion Pill

It is vital for women seeking a medical abortion through the abortion pill to receive all the information on this procedure since it can impact their health and wellness.

The Mayo Clinic says medical abortion is not recommended for those over a certain number of weeks in pregnancy or those with an ectopic pregnancy. Due to this, consulting a medical professional or local pregnancy center is essential to verify the pregnancy’s age and location.

Additionally, there are over 200 medications that aren’t medically recommended to be used in combination with the abortion pill. Discussing your medical history with a trusted physician or pregnancy center will help protect your health. Be sure to talk about current medications or conditions you are being treated for.

Does It Matter Where I Get The Abortion Pill?

It’s important to have trusted doctors who prescribe your medication and reputable pharmacies that source their medicines from safe suppliers.
Additionally, knowing exactly where your medication is sourced can be difficult when retrieving it online. This can be cause for concern as the FDA says, “Medicine bought over the Internet from foreign sources, from storefront businesses that offer to buy foreign medicine for you, or during trips outside the United States, may not be safe or effective.”

Where Can I Go To Learn More?

Contact us today to learn more about your options and measures you can take to help protect your health and safety. You deserve to have all the facts to make an informed decision that’s right for you.