Parenting | Women's Care Center, Parkersburg, WV


No matter what your situation, any time a woman finds out she is pregnant, there is a shock factor. It takes time to think through the choices that follow the positive pregnancy test. Ask any mom – the biggest need during this time is support. That’s why at Women’s Care Center, you will find caring, professional staff and trained volunteers ready to walk you through the process.

There will be many options to consider- and many decisions to be made. Take your time and let us help you as you walk this path. Parenting can be a beautiful journey!


In clarifying your situation and gaining perspective, ask yourself the following questions:
  • If you are single, is marrying the father a possibility? Why or why not? Would the father consider pre-marital counseling?
  • What type of support (financial, role model, childcare, etc.) is the father of the baby able to provide?
  • Can family members help financially, with childcare or with living arrangements, etc.?
  • Could I live with family members or with another single mother?
  • How could I share household responsibilities with those I live with?
  • What would it take to live on my own with my baby?
  • How can I attain my long term goals in order to make a better life for myself and my child?
  • Would I consider applying for WIC, Medicaid and other government assistance programs?
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