A new mother stopped in last week to tell us how Women’s Care Center had helped her in her toughest days. She was so grateful for someone to talk to on each visit. Early in her pregnancy she contacted Women’s Care Center for a pregnancy test. After an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy, she continued to visit to participant in the maternity and baby item shares program. She was earning shares on each visit to save up for items she would need for her baby like a crib or car seat. It was on these visits she met Gail (name changed to protect privacy)

This young mother was passionate and reflective as she told me her story. “Gail was so supportive “She helped me calm down and she told me I could do this as a single mother. The next time you come to visit I want you to tell me you have not been worrying as much. I was so anxious about being a single mother. My parents wouldn’t understand because they had not parented as singles. The father of my baby girl said “ok” when I told him I was pregnant. I knew very early I was going to be a single parent. Gail helped me through it all.”

The new mother made it a point to say there are several places to get help with baby supplies but she found Women’s Care Center different because of the relationship she built with Gail. She was grateful for the time someone was investing in her and the relationship she had built with Gail. She found hope as a single mother and she beamed with pride over her new baby girl.

Single Mother with Newborn

Parenting is tough and we are here to help. Our maternity and baby item distribution center can provide most of the items you need in the baby’s first year. As a patient of Women’s Care Center, you can begin shopping for yourself after confirmation of your pregnancy and at 6 months, until the first year of life, for your baby. We are fully stocked with diapers, wipes, blankets, bottles, clothes up to 18 months, and much more. We will have someone to talk to each visit that will encourage you and listen. If you think you might be pregnant, start off on the right foot by contacting Women’s Care Center.

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